Me and my flamingoHi and thanks for visiting this crazy website!

You have landed here so obviously you want to know a little something about me so here goes.

The quick description is as follows:

  • awkward conversationalist
  • animal lover
  • collector of random superfluous objects
  • avid coffee drinker
  • introverted
  • bargain hunter extraordinaire
  • painter
  • writer
  • doll maker
  • dreamer
  • movie watcher
  • casino addict
  • crafter
  • dumpster diver

The longer version:

I was born on April 19 in the year 1951 which makes me an Aries, the baby of the astrological signs. I lived with my grandparents till I was 8 and we lived TOTALLY off the grid and I loved it! Everything was fresh and the only way to preserve food was canning. We caught the rain from the roof guided into cheesecloth filtered 55 gallon drums for use, milked a cow for milk, butter, and cream. Eggs were gathered daily and smoking pork was done as well. It was great! When I was 8 my father came home from the Korean War and remarried and we moved to a little suburb in St. Louis, MO – what a culture shock that was! When I was in high school the war in Vietnam was still going on, Kennedy was president, the Beatles had been around a couple of years and were hotter than ever, hippies were the ones I wanted to follow and hallucinogenics, free love, and smoking pot were in style. We listened to vinyl records on a record player, watched the first men walk on the moon on a black and white television and family dinners were gatherings each night at the same time with all my brothers and sister sitting at the dinner table with my parents. So, yeah, I am getting on up there in years and have seen quite a bit in my life thus far and am proud of the parts of history I was able to experience.

Trying to follow in my parents footsteps, marriage and having lots of babies was the agenda. Now, reference back to the first sentence…I am an Aries. Three marriages and divorces later I decided it wasn’t in the cards for me to follow the footsteps my parents had laid out and decided to just stay single and experience life. Looking back on that time I have realized that I was very confused about what love means. It took me several years of traveling the globe, dating many men and tons of soul searching to finally be happier with me as a person and once that happened, I met the love of my life. I now enjoy my son from my first marriage and his family with 3 children along with the 3 children of my husband’s with all of their 4 children. I am blessed.

As I age I venture into unknown territory of exciting discoveries and new found answers. For the first time in my life I do not have to work and am enjoying my retirement. No, I do not have a lot of money and am on a limited income but I am finding that to be a good thing. It is taking me back to my roots of self sufficiency and creating ways to survive without all the extras. I have noticed that my brain is more clear and takes me back to how I felt as a child on my grandparent’s farm and that is a wonderful feeling. Finding out that it is not necessary to have “things” to impress people is a most delightful and freeing experience!

This is my journey of life and I have always believed that remaining curious and open to new things will keep me forever young. In the past I have had websites where I tried to follow all the “rules” of how to have an artist’s page and it was boring and unsuccessful – why? I think it was because I was trying to follow the ideas and rules of others and it wasn’t really me. This time, I am doing it different and I truly hope you will enjoy what I post and follow me through my adventures!