“Why do you save all that crap?” they ask…

For months now I have come into this room and looked around me at all the crap, yes, crap, and wonpiles 'o crapdered why, oh why, I continually have such a mess in my once clean, organized and beloved art studio.  Oh, and this picture is just a very small part of what is actually here.

Well, I pondered and pondered on it and today I finally came up with the best answer I could think of.  I pulled out my external drive and started looking at some of the art I have created over the past several years and saw why I have tons of crap.   Some pretty killer art (in my own mind anyway) has come from using all sorts of things some people wouldn’t have thought of using so I am going to post a few of those items here so maybe then they will understand.

So, here for your viewing pleasure is said “crap” …..

piggy ornament i want to break free - inspiration from queen close up chambre - one of 3 of my fat bottomed girls i want to daydream but my mind keeps wandering divied - everyone wants a piece of me sunflower girl mildred the baglady all original sculpted doll santa is squeezing-In - all original sculpted doll sunflower painting

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