My muse went on an extended vacation…the bitch

My brain has been so overworked with such creative ideas and no way to express them with my art work.  After spending the last year with no muse to urge me on, I think she has finally decided to come home where she belongs!  I signed up for a course that really excited me to do but then I didn’t actually do the course.  There again, my brain was willing but the muse was still away so the course has just sat on my computer taunting me.  Then, the other day she strolls in like nothing was wrong and says “what is this course about and why aren’t you doing anything with it?” to which I replied in a very whiny voice “you left me all alone and I didn’t know what to do or how to do it and without you I am nothing and all the stuff I paint looks like shit and where were you anyway!”  So, after a lengthy discussion we came to an agreement – she will hang with me as long as I don’t get all negative about what I am creating.

the beginning of the new mixed media painting with encaustic waxSo, here is the beginning of the painting I am doing from the course called Whimsical Portraits and Dreamy Landscapes with Ivy Newport.  It is a mixed media art course where I will be learning how to do encaustic wax application.  I am taking my time and being gentle with me (mainly to not piss my muse off again) and it is all working out pretty much as I am wanting it to.  The inspiration photo is my middle granddaughter, Ayla, taken a few years ago at her friend’s birthday party where they all dressed up and looked like a bunch of sweet barefooted fairies dancing around.

Yea me and my muse!  I really need to give my muse a name so I can stop calling her “my muse” – any suggestions?

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