Mixed media journey

The first step of a new mixed media paintingI have been afraid to paint.  There, I’ve said it.  We don’t know why the fear is there, but the truth is that it is.  Not sure if it’s because it has been so long since I tackled something or if it’s me changing myself or if it’s just fear of failure.    Today I have been listening to my little muse who sits on my shoulder next to my ear sending encouragement to me to just begin and it will be great no matter what.  She says I am not painting for anyone but me so whatever I want to do, do it.  “Just have fun!” she says.  So, I remembered a technique I used a long time ago on my little ACEO paintings – just lightly cover the canvas in black, let it dry, then look for “things” there.  That’s what this is…and I am looking.  It’s actually a really fun way to do intuitive art and now the journey through this painting with me begins!  🙂

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