I’m an artist, dammit!

I know a lot of artists who deal with the same things I do…procrastination, fear, lack of self-confidence, depression, not being organized.  The list continues.  So, what do we as artists do about it?  Face the fear and do it anyway!

My main focus of late has been on setting goals and following through with them.   I must add here that I am horrible with following through with most anything that requires me to repeat things.  It has made me realize I am worse than a child at times!  It’s a lot more fun to do something new and different rather than repeating the same old stuff over and over.  HOWEVER, if I am ever to accomplish what I desire the most, it must be done.

100_2054Now that we have almost all essential items moved, I have been crossing off my “to-do-list” items regularly – YEAH ME!!! 🙂 Getting my art studio/office space organized was one of the top items and I can finally begin doing art once again!  Look at that table – there’s actually space to work now!

100_2055The things I use most are on those shelves and hanging in an over the door shoe caddy for easy access.  Gotta love the ideas you find on Pinterest, right?

100_2056Some more supplies and, of course, my little baby television to listen to while I work.




100_2057The office hub where I do my computer work, bill paying, digital creations, research, Facebook and Twitter while in this room.


100_2048Then, there’s the closet which is still quite cluttered and unorganized – I think I’ll just close this door on this one for a while 😉

Now that I have this room basically done, it’s time to get to work creating coz, after all, I’m an artist, dammit!

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