Finally got to mess my hands up

the before picture
The before
the after
The after

I don’t know how long it’s been since I painted – TOO LONG.  This project really isn’t what I would consider my “artistic” flair, but at least I got to play in some paints and do some creating with a recycle.  There was this old and damaged wood frame with a print and because of its sturdiness I decided this would be a good project to work on.  So, I painted the print over with some chalkboard paint and then let the rest just happen.  I copied what is written from the web (no, I didn’t come up with the idea of the art with the ice cream or the words written – it belongs to someone else) and doodled it on the board.  It now hangs in my little kitchen nook ready for me to post messages, write down my shopping list, or just look cute on my wall!  It will do for the time being until I get my hands all messy with paint again.

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