Slow Start

Major lifestyle changes this year have made progress slower than usual.  No excuses for my tardiness – just me being me :).

I retired from the full-time work force back in May and then we moved 500 miles from where we were located.  The move was disastrous and has been put in the “hindsight” folder, shoved under a rug and placed in a far away corner so as not to see it too often.  Lack of organization and reserving a truck not large enough to hold all our items caused a chain of events we are still dealing with, including the delay in me getting this site complete and being able to do art.  HOWEVER, we are happier here, love the weather, love our new home and are settling in nicely!

One thing I have learned relearned – when you plan things, be very specific what you ask for!

All that aside, or behind, my flow of creativity has been kindled and is developing into a nice slow and steady burn with ideas of new things to create. I have discovered things about myself which will be very helpful as the new chapter in life unfolds and I am excited to begin!

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